Thursday, September 3, 2015

Seeing through other people's eyes and hearts!

I had an in-service at work on Monday and they showed us this video that was very moving.  I immediately wrote down the quote that was at the beginning 'cause I knew I wanted to write about it.  It hit close to home with me!  The one thing that I like about these in-services is that they include an exercise or a lesson for each of us to take home and try to use in our lives.  They make you think and it is always something good that we can apply to ourselves and on our job.

And what hit home to me is that I need to be more empathetic to other people's issues going on.  I need to take a step back more often and realize that my issues are small compared to other people's problems/issues.  And sometimes you don't always know or can see what is going on with other people.  Some people are very private and no one knows what they think or feel.  They hide all that inside for a lot of reasons.

There are times, more than I like to admit, that I'm guilty of not doing this.  I'm in my own little world and can't see past whatever is going on outside of my mind.  This is something that I think a lot of people are guilty of...not being empathetic enough.  I believe that we, as a society, need to practice more compassion/empathy for others.

You don't realize that sometimes that person you see on the street who looks like they have their shit together really doesn't.  There are a lot of people that are really good at hiding behind a smile or that laugh that you hear.  They have so much more going on and you don't realize it!  And I hope
to learn from this, try to be a little more empathetic and a lot less self-centered!