Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What you see on the outside isn't always what's going on in the inside!

I found a quote and it just jumped out at me and so I knew that I had to write.  It is too funny how I struggle to write some days and then there are times that something hits me and I just know that I could sit in front of my screen and just go to town on it!  This is one of those times.

You really never know what goes on behind closed doors, so to speak.  My parents used to tell me this all the time and I used to think they were full of crap!  Sorry, Mom and Dad!  :-(  But there is so much truth in it, that it's not funny!  And to be totally honest with you, this is true with even myself!

Granted, I'm a little more open with sharing some of my struggles with my weight and with my running but there are so many more facets to my life.  I was jealous before of thin people cause they haven't known what it's like to struggle but a very wise person told me that I shouldn't be.  That I don't know what they all have to deal with.  Some of them do whatever they can to gain weight and they can't.  Or some people who are tall and would give anything to be shorter or vice-versa.

People tend to show the world their best.  They put on a good "face" or hide behind a mask.  I have been guilty of that myself and not afraid to admit it.  I'm just lucky that I have a few people who know me all too well and they definitely keep me in check...they see beyond that with me!   

People shouldn't hide behind a mask or put on a good face just to make themselves look good.  You really aren't being honest with yourself and with others.  It's not all that bad to admit to your insecurities or shortcomings.  People won't think less of you.  In fact, they might actually have more respect for you and the things that you have went through.  

You really never know how many people you help by sharing some of those things.  I know not everyone likes to share things about themselves.  I have found out that in sharing some of my struggles that I have helped people and/or inspired.  I know from experience when I miscarried my first baby and all of a sudden people were coming out of the woodwork telling me that they went through that themselves.  I never understood why they didn't share that before but there are some people who are very private and that is their prerogative,  And I guess that needs to be respected.

I just know that I'm glad that I deal with stuff whether I want to or not.  It is something that I have learned that no matter how much you hide it, how big of walls you put up, or how much you don't want to admit to your insecurities, shortcomings, or failures...they are there....with you constantly.  And there are people who can see beyond the mask and all those things and they are truly teachers on this journey we call life!